Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's starting to sink in

We've been at the hospital since last saturday but it feels like a lifetime. All the days are blurred together, as are day and night. The nurses and doctors here are amazing. When Grace is feeling well we play in the "Life Center Playroom" which is pretty awesome. 

But she has had fevers daily, lots of headaches and lots of tummy problems. But she has started eating again and we're really thankful for that. We're starting to get a better picture of what is in front of us. The next thirty days will be filled with more chemo, coming back to the hospital, at least three more spinal taps and one more bone aspiration. If she gets a fever or any sign of illness we'll be back here for a few days as the smallest infection could be life threatening. 

Now that we've talked with her doctors we've learned that Grace has a genetic mutation on her cancer cells called the Philadelphia chromosome. This makes Grace a high risk cancer patient. Her chemo will be more aggressive (with long term side effects) and there will be more of it. We don't know much more past that. We know we will be here longer which was very hard to hear. I'm missing Luke very badly.

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