Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bums in the News

Our live interview on the HNL channel can be found here:

I have to say it was a wild trip to be interviewed in the CNN newsroom. I think it was very brave for them to have a live interview for a four-year old, but Grace is always Grace and national television can't stop her! We've always known she was full of spunk...and as of lately also full of steroids. For any of you wondering, yes those are her pjs. We had two fancy dresses with us, but she decided to stay in her jammies. As she has a better fashion sense than I do, we went with her choice.

Today she is worn out, mostly from the medicine, and has voluntarily laid on the couch most of the morning. I hate steroids. They're likely the most benign of the chemo medicines, but they effect her energy levels, moods and eating habits like none other. It'll be a long month over here with steroids as part of our family.

Here's the link to the CBS segment:

The CBS interview with Kristin Laza was great. She was such a friendly reporter that it made it very comfortable being interviewed. And we had help from Marlen in the CHLA media department that made the whole process livable, as after two interviews and a ten-hour day at the hospital this week, the Bumstead family is officially worn out.

We really hope that all this press really rewards Mattel for making more Ella Barbies, and that it helps donors to be generous with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Both Mattel and CHLA have become part of our family and we thank God for them daily.

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