Thursday, October 2, 2014

An off day

Today I got to spend the day with this guy. He and I both woke up with fevers, so Grandma took Grace for the day so we wouldn't sneeze on her as much, in an effort to keep her healthy. Thankfully her ANC is high and so far she's not had more than the sniffles.

It's been a long time since I've just been able to hang out with Luke. And because I was too sick to do laundry or dishes, I didn't. That gave me time to watch movies with my boy, make sand birthday cakes and to just listen to him. I am amazed at how much he is talking now. And I'm amazed at how much he loves Grace. He's talked about her all day, asking again and again where she is, even though he knows she's at Grandmas. The first thing he said after waking up from nap was, "Where Gacie?" He worried about her missing snack, dinner and every sound has been, "Gacie home."

Even though we were too sick to do much, it was good just to be around him. I am so relieved that in all the chaos this year he's adjusted so well. Sometimes I am overwhelmingly sad that I've spent twelve weeks away from him already this year. I am as equally happy that Chad did such a good job taking care of him, as did his Grandma and Noni and preschool family. I know that's why he's doing so well when we could be dealing with attachment disorders.

We have another week and three days of our "break." Grace has been doing amazing. Chemo free her hair has been growing, her face is full and pink, her stomach isn't bloated. In all, she has her shine back. Next week she'll have an EKG at Children's Hospital, but she's so glad that it's bumble-bee free.

The week after we'll start chemo in earnest again. Steroids will again be prescribed and we'll be dealing with a swollen, hungry, emotional girl again. They'll be giving her the same chemo we had most recently so a very long-term and low ANC is likely and may last through January. We'll be at the hospital once to twice again on a weekly basis. 

They'll also be trying PEG chemo again, which may have given her pancreatitis before. Her Oncologist said it's an important chemo so she wants to try again. Please be praying that it doesn't effect her this time.

Ok, I feel too blah to write anymore. I haven't had a cold since January when I had three different colds back-to-back, up until the day Grace got diagnosed. God was getting me past the flu season as quickly as possible. I don't think it's any coincidence that I'm only sick now that we're on a break again. As I normally get sick very easily, I know that my good health this year has been because of God's hand on us.

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