Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year

I can't believe it's almost been a year since Grace was diagnosed. I can't believe that after one year life will again radically change, but this time back into normal. At least normal-ish.

Grace will turn five this week. I remember not too long ago wondering if we'd get to celebrate it with her. Those thoughts seems so far away today. For her birthday we're having a small, family party this year, but don't worry. When Grace gets into full remission next year, we're having a crazy big party to celebrate! And everyone can come!

Things are going really well here. Grace and Luke are currently engaged in full-force play with Captain Hook and Sophia the First inside the Batcave. Seeing them play together makes my heart so happy it could explode. I don't think there's anything more wonderful than to hear them laughing and playing together.

Yesterday we went on a hike with friends! Grace spent some of it being pushed in a stroller, but overall her energy levels are starting to return. It's so amazing to see her getting to do the things she loves again. She's also eating again and drinking well. We're still trying to figure out her motility issues (poop) but we haven't been sent to the ER for it yet, and that is a big plus.

So far we'll still be at the hospital once a week for the next month or two while the doctors tweek her meds to get them adjusted. We'll need to find the right dose that doesn't make her susceptible to infection at the same time strong enough to fight any traces of cancer that could be lurking in her body. She'll still be on pill chemo every night for the next year, but even so, her hair will grow back and her strength should return. According to her doctor, she'll seem so healthy we won't know she has cancer from looking at her. That's certainly what we're praying for.

This new year has reminded us of how much we've gone through, especially as I sit down and make our 2014 family photo album. All the photos bring back a lot of feelings. It's also reminded me how much love and support we've received this year. We're so thankful- truly, deeply, thankful for all the ways both big and small that everyone has reached out to show us their love and concern.

And I'm so thankful that God has kept His promise to never leave us or forsake us. Next year we anticipate good things, but come what may, His presence will be with us and for that reason we can face whatever comes with hope and peace.

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  1. God bless you all. I have never met you but following Grace on FB makes me feel like I do. I would love to send Grace a birthday card. Do you have somewhere I can send.Praying for a complete recovery for her.Continuing to pray from NC. <3