Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teenager (Kindergarten) School

Today was Grace's first day of kindergarten (or teenage school as she kept saying). According to her it was magnificent. She's so excited to be in a new class full of old friends and classmates and she really likes her new teacher. I couldn't be happier for her.

I thought I would do the classic cry-on-the-first day-of-kindergarten-mom-thing but I didn't. I certainly did the first day of preschool two years ago. Even though it's a major step up from a few days a week to going to school Monday through Friday, I'm just happy we made it to kindergarten. I know she's growing up fast and instead of wanting to hold onto her little forever (which I also want to do) I'm more thrilled that I know she gets the chance to grow up.

After Bailey's death the fear of cancer came back with a vengeance and I spent a few weeks worrying over small details in Grace's health. We're still grieving for her. It even took a few days on our amazing Make-A-Wish trip on the Disney Cruise for me to calm down and allow myself to enjoy it. 

And now that Grace is in kindergarten I'm just overjoyed. I feel like cancer has no hold on us. Which is a very freeing feeling, one I don't often allow myself to feel.

But I felt it today, and it felt magnificent.

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  1. A precious moment, that first day away from home...