Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fish and Bread

Grace's classmates taught me something that blessed me today. Sometimes when I see the world, and I see all the problems, I fell so small. So powerless. I feel like, even if I did everything I could, how can one person make a difference when the world is full of huge problems?

The kids in Grace's school brought in their loose change to buy Bibles for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Many of those kids brought in their own allowances and savings, not just the few nickels from the behind the couch cushions. Together they raised $325.00.

Then yesterday I posted what the kids had done on Grace's Facebook page and many adults were so touched that they matched and exceeded the donation! In total we now have a total of $775.00 to buy children's Bibles. And these are fantastic Bibles! They're beautifully illustrated and tell of God's love in easy to understand stories.

These will go directly into the hands of hurting kids and families at the hospital. I told Grace's school today that often when people get very sick they sometimes pray and ask God, "do you know I'm in trouble? Do you care about me?" And then when their prayer gets answered by receiving a Bible- that means that these kids (and grownups) were part of how God answered that prayer.

I also shared with the kids something I felt God remind me of this morning. When Jesus fed the 5,000 people, he used the lunch of a boy. A kid. And the kid shared the little fish and bread that he had and he trusted God to use it. He had the attitude, "I can't do much, but what I can do, I will do."

Jesus took the boy's small offering and used to to feed thousands of people.

That's what happened when the kids shared their allowances today. A small baggie of dimes and pennies doesn't seem enough to make a difference. But when they obeyed with their small offering, and worked together, God blessed it and multiplied it! And he used the kids's big hearts to inspire adults and even more good was done!

I love seeing how God works and that he uses kids to make an impact. The kids also collected food and toiletries for the Ronald McDonald house in Los Angeles. They had so much that the back of my van is sagging!

What an inspiration. Our little part matters. That is such a relief and encouragement to me today.

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