Monday, February 20, 2017

Ask the DOE for a full SSFL cleanup

This is my daughter Grace (Team Grace Ellen), she was diagnosed with a Leukemia so rare that only 1 out of 1 million kids will ever get it, we had lived in West Hills for nearly four years before diagnosis. We did not know that we were living only miles from a toxic nuclear meltdown in the hills of Simi Valley, the Santa Susana Field Lab. I want you to see what childhood cancer looks like. I want you to see the risk to your family, because the Department Of Energy wants you to think that leaving the waste on site will not cause any harm. "Leaving it be" means more of the contamination will migrate when it is windy or when it rains and people will continue to be exposed. And it's not just a little contamination, it's a lot and even Boeing's risk assessment reports show just how high the risk is today - in some areas, 3 in 10 exposed would get cancer, in other areas of the site, as high as 9 in 10 would. We've found 30 other children with rare cancers who live within 20 miles of the site. I'll be introducing you to them over the next few days. No study has been done on childhood cancers related to the site. We want answers, and we want a full cleanup. I'm asking that everyone lets the DOE know that leaving contaminants on site is not acceptable. Using scare tactics to make us think the site migration is more dangerous is not acceptable. Refusing to use less populated roads for the migration, not acceptable. Not having a full survey done of the risk to children in our communities, is completely not acceptable. You MUST contact the DOE by March 14th in order to have a say. Please contact and share this post.

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