Monday, February 3, 2014

Blood Drive on partial hold

We wanted to let everyone know that in addition to this Saturday, we will be having a blood donation truck come out to the Ventura County sometime early March.

We found out that blood only lasts 30 days, so you might want to wait until March to donate, as that's more likely when Grace will need it. After 30 days the blood is put into the general use bank, which is fine with us too, but it's not as likely that Grace will need it now.

If you'd still like to come this Saturday, please feel free. They've changed the hours from 7:30am-10:00am. I'm very sad to say that one of the blood bank workers lost a son to leukemia and this Saturday will be his funeral, which is why they are closing early that day. I'm not sure of the family's name, but God knows, so please keep them in your prayers too.

If you have any questions about this weekend or donating in March, please contact my sister-in-law Tina through her Facebook page.

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