Saturday, February 1, 2014

When people are the miracles

I can always tell when people have been praying for us. The last post was after such a crummy, hard day. And I know it got people praying because the next day was significantly better. The prayers have meant so much to us. And people have become miracles to us. We've been blessed so much recently.

We have several meals in the freezer and fridge with the promise of more through March. My family and in-laws have been caring for Luke and helping Grace transition home, and cleaning our house for us and doing our laundry.

We've had people that we love, people we know of, and friends of people we know of, take care of us. We've been given tea and snacks and pho, handmade blankets, hats, and picc covers, toys and activity kits, hair clips and cute towels, fancy pjs and princess socks, gift cards and checks.

The love and warmth and generosity shown towards us has been unbelievable. Really. I opened unexpected cards today with gifts in them and stood there with my jaw on the floor. And what do you say in moments like that? Thanks doesn't seem to do it but it's all I have. I want to cry and laugh and hug but mostly I just stand there with my mouth open.

We also wanted to add for anyone who has been so generous to help us with medical bills- we are opening an account for this money. We hereby promise to only use it for Grace's medical bills and associated costs. Should there be any excess, we will be donating it to a children's cancer non-profit or CHLA. Just so you know.

Here are a few more highlights of how we've been cared for:

I thought you'd all love this. This eight-year old is the son of my brother-in-law's friend. He's never even met Grace but he wanted to do something to help. He had a lemon"aide" stand (in the rain) at a park and raised $118 for Grace. (video coming ASAP).

The Elizabeth Macdonald Foundation came and gave Grace a free trim to help her adjust to the concept of losing hair. Pamela Hobby and Ivan the hairstylist were the ones who helped talk Grace through the trim. I think Pamela is probably the prettiest woman I've ever seen in real life. She told Grace how she lost her hair from chemotherapy as a child.

Grace was also visited by the Dodgers (more photos on their blog) at CHLA's child life support playroom. Here she is telling Matthew Kemp that she wants to be a soccer player when she grows up. He totally went with it and told her he likes soccer too. What nice men they all were.


  1. So cool!! So thankful people are being so helpful!

  2. In my daily prayers for the absolute recovery of Grace!