Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chicken Pox Vaccines

Did you know that chicken pox can take out kids with cancer? Many parents think they can skip the chicken pox vaccine because they think chicken pox isn't very dangerous, but it can be deadly to cancer kids who were too young or too ill to be vaccinated themselves. 

Regular kids with chicken pox are contagious for a few days before any bumps appear, and the virus spreads through air, not just touch. If an unvaccinated cancer kid is exposed to chicken pox they have 72 hours to get medicine that can help them fight off what is a serious disease to kids with weak immune systems. 

Vaccines don't just protect healthy children. They protect kids who are too ill to get vaccines and who are already fighting for their lives. Many of these kids have been fighting since the womb and their parents don't get the option for vaccines, their kids are just too sick to even be vaccinated. 

It takes a whole village to raise a child. It takes village to do their part to be vaccinated to keep healthy those who can't.

Please help share this info. I didn't realize either until Grace was diagnosed.

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