Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hard day

Thursday was a lumbar with chemo and an infusion. We hadn't been to the doctor in a week and had enjoyed the best week we've had since this all started. Going back Thursday felt like painfully ripping a band-aid off a very deep wound. Grace's counts were too low to have her dose of chemo, so instead of a ten minute treatment she got a three hour blood transfusion. 

The cool part was, as we were leaving, we ran into Elena, one of our most favoritest-ever Child Life therapists. She told us they were filming a promo to help fund Child Life support, which is the amazing group who helped us so profoundly while we were in patient. I said we would help but needed to pick up meds at the in-hospital pharmacy and I needed to eat first. So as I got meds for Grace she ran and bought me lunch (Grace is still only eating one meal a day and wasn't hungry).

Grace was great for the photoshoot. Obviously having a photographer for a Grandma paid off because she was in her element. We really hope that it can help keep Child Life funded, they help keep kids emotionally strong so they have the endurance to heal.

Friday was the poop-hit-the-fan day. Literally. Grace's brother decided to paint his room with poop when he was supposed to be napping and smeared it all over his fan. And because of Grace's low counts I was already in germ-freak-out mode. Thankfully my best friend was over so she helped wash him while I cleaned his room.

The day after the hospital are the hardest. Grace is dealing with the emotions of being at the hospital the day before, I was dealing with similar emotions and her brother was dealing with having been away for 14 hours on Thursday (albeit happily with Grandma aka Noni). 

It was an all emotions out, dealing with having to miss the St. Baldricks event, cleaning poop, migraine headache, no naps, very, very, very long day. If it wasn't for my best friend, and for the friend who made us dinner that night, and for my husband who cleaned the kitchen that morning, I might have given up.

This morning while talking to my Mother In Law, she reminded me to just focus on today. Of course, Jesus has given this advice, but I always thought it was a nice suggestion. But today it was medicine.  Jesus has given us enough for today, and miraculously He got us through yesterday too. And tomorrow...I'm not even going to think about. 

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