Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hospital Update, Day 8

(Tio and Noni got to visit yesterday. Tio was the only one who could get her to smile all day.)

Yesterday felt like Leukemia. Her mouth is completely covered in sores and she needs morphine to eat and sleep (it's likely those sores are continuing through her throat, stomach and down to her anus). I know we just had a week of toxic chemo, but I blanched at the thought of morphine. I guess because it's the only medicine with a name that I know. Luckily the only side effects of morphine are constipation and her seeing twenty-five kittens in her room tonight.

Yesterday also started her daily injections of a medicine that encourages her body to reboot it's white blood cells. She hates them, she wakes up at the slightest sound and worries that it's shot time, even though she already had her shot today. I decided to start working again on a story for her to help deal with "pokes," although the story has a bumble bee and not a shot. Same concept though.

Today was better though, the morphine let her sleep last night. Still she was very tired all day, she wouldn't walk even to the bathroom, she wanted to be carried. She doesn't have any energy to play, not even play dough, she's only watching movies all day long. She was able to sit up and pet "Quincy" the therapy dog for a bit. I'll be glad when she's up to more activities but the "TV hater" in me has resolved to just be thankful for the entertainment that passes the hours for her. Also the sores have her lips and mouth swollen. Miraculously she ate dinner tonight. And talked to Daddy on the phone. She also told him "today was a good day," which the nurses overheard and that had them swooning over her.

She woke up the other day and said, "I hate this place. I just want to go home." I asked her what she missed about home. "I miss my brother," she said.

Her brother and Daddy are at home tonight dealing with Luke's croup. The poor baby sounds terrible. I hate to be away from him during this as our main weapon against it used to be cuddling and the humidifier. I'm glad I'm here cuddling Grace, but its very hard to be with one and not the other, though I know Chad is doing a great job taking care of him. 

Anyhow, this is a rather uninspiring post, but to the point. And now it's time for bed...


  1. Dearest Melissa and Chad,
    My heart and prayers are with you. Much love to your family.
    Jake and Kim Posadas
    Numbers 6:24-26
    “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”

  2. Oh! Melissa, I so feel for you having one child one place and one another - even though, of course, you know both are being loved and cared for. It's a common thread of all mothers around the world I think to be most at peace when "all our chickens" are in the "nest" safe with us. Praying, as always, for His comfort, love, peace, healing, rest, and joy for all of you in both families!