Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hospital stay, day 10

It comforts me to know that God hates leukemia too. 

Today consited of trying to catch up on sleep, pain management with morphine, management of side effects from morphine, a shot and a bee sting, antibiotics for her fever and medicine for the side effects of the antibiotics, and watching movies together. 

Grace was a good deal of pain most of today. She cried when drinking water, thankfully she's getting all her nutrition and liquids from the IV. She cried when she had to stand or go to the bathroom or when she had to take her pills.

The only times she didn't cry was when she got her shot and her bee sting. She's developed a determination to stay calm and to not be afraid. She is afraid but she does an amazing job holding still for the nurses. 

Our girl is such a fighter, but I'll be so happy when she's done with this and when were back home as a family. I know God is faithful and I trust him to lead us through this time, I will fear no evil, for his staff and his rod comfort us. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us. 

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