Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Fourth, Inpatient in Photos

Early morning cartoons with juice. She's super stoked they get Princess Sophia here.

She had a grand vision for a craft today. She took the mermaids we drew and painted yesterday and taped on popsicle sticks so we could make puppets in the play room today. She was very satisfied with the results.

Little brother and Noni came to visit today. He got to check out the awesome toys with his sister. Noni said that as soon as he saw the hospital he started yelling for Gracie. He was so happy to see her.

They heard "Let it Go" on the radio. It's their song.

Grace won at Connect Four against Noni today.

Little brother reaching for a balloon.

Lunch and a movie.

Little brother got some playtime downstairs while Gracie napped. 

The "Sabriya's Castle of Fun Foundation" threw a party today for all the oncology patients and their families. It was great to get outside her room to have some fun. She had her nails painted sparkling red. The foundation started when Sabriya lost her fight against Leukemia years ago. Now her family throws parties for others in the struggle. Really, really nice people.

Little brother didn't object to a cupcake and juice.

They had a magician and Grace loved it! Here she is showing me her own tricks where she makes her bracelet appear by hiding it in her sleeves and then shaking it out. Very tricky indeed.

Little brother napping with the ball he got at the party. I paced back and forth down the longest corridor while he said, "I no nigh-night," until he fell asleep.

We ended up with the penthouse suite when we didn't get a roommate and the bed broke so they took it out. The kids took advantage of the space by playing ball with dad. Grace kept forgetting to bring her tower and kept pulling at her tubes. 

Overall it was a pretty good day. It was so great to be a family again and I love being here when I'm worried about Grace. I feel so safe. Grace ate a little today and complained a lot less of stomach pain and was reaction free from her meds. She smiled lots today and that makes everything ok again.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your world with us, Melissa. Sending lots of love and prayers your way, as usual.