Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mattel has decided to make more "Ella" Barbies available for children like our daughter Grace who have cancer and who have lost their hair. Ella will help kids know that they are beautiful even without hair. 

Mattel has decided to make the dolls annually, which means every year hospitals, charities, and foundations will receive a fresh supply of Ella Barbies to give out.

We want to thank you for being part and for making a difference. And we want to especially thank Mattel- they're a corporation with a big heart that loves kids. They told me, "we believe donating Ella Barbies is the right thing to do." 

Please take the time to share the good news, and to thank Mattel for helping kids with cancer to feel good about themselves. 

You can see more photos of Ella and the kids who get her on Facebook:

You can go to Mattel on Facebook and let them know you're happy about Ella at:

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  1. No words can really express the deep admiration and appreciation for the leaps of faith you've taken since day one of this passage of your lives; the example it sets for others; and the blessed affirmation that "one person" with righteous intent and those standing with CAN change the world! Prayers continue for you all!