Monday, June 16, 2014

Hospital update: busy down time

I haven't had much time for updates. Grace has been feeling great! But at night she still gets restless legs and it can take an hour of massages to help her fall asleep. How much of it is legitimate and how much is enjoying massages every night is yet to be determined. But they're increasing her meds for it all the same in hopes that it'll help. 

Grace is a 10/10 right now. I've realized that I can tell how she's feeling by how she plays. Toy play equals a 10, coloring only equals a 6, tv only equals a three, sleeping only equals a 1. The last five days or so have been within the 7-10 level, which is great. 

The need for entertaining has been high. She's not allowed to take her Barbies into the playroom so she's been less enthusiastic about going there, which means I have cabin fever. She's on a Barbie binge. I think we've played over eight hours of Barbies in the last two days. 

Until yesterday she was allowed to go to the garden and play ground. Now that she's nuetrapenic she's staying on her floor. So far we haven't seen any mouth sores, but her liver levels are high so they're keeping an eye on her. Once her counts go back up we can go home. But it's still early in the game and there's no guessing what direction things could go. So were enjoying each good day to the max. 

Overall things are going great. I miss my boys constantly though and can't wait to get home to be a family. Sunday when Luke came for a visit he said the hospital was mommy's home. I'm looking forward to correcting that soon. And if things continue to go this well, maybe it'll be sooner than an entire three weeks...

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