Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hospital Update, or should I say "Hopsitible?"

We're at 13 days inpatient at CHLA tonight, but still doing better than ever. Grace came down with a fever last night and her counts are low. My heart fell into my toes when I thought we were about to nosedive into a hard time, but amazingly her fever is gone. She had another blood transfusion today, in addition to the platelet transfusion she had two days ago, and is bright and bubbly. That is, when she's not under the influence of Benadryl (she takes it three times a day before the antibiotic she is allergic to).

This afternoon Luke and Chad came to visit and Grace was so excited. She played and colored with Luke, something she only does when she's feeling really well. It was the nicest visit we've had to date. I'm praying that she continues to feel this well and that maybe we can go home as soon as her white cell counts recover. I'd be really ok without any complications but we still have to see how her body responds.

Today I was reading about the disciple John and how he and his brother James said to Jesus, "Teacher...we want you to do for us whatever we ask." I was thinking that they probably thought they would get an award for such a statement of faith, as they were asking with the pretense that Jesus was capable of anything. Then they ask to sit on the right and left of Jesus when he is made King. Jesus gently rebukes them, asking if they can drink from his cup and then finally saying it's not for him to decide.

But it was really pretentious of two men to ask God to grant "whatever we ask," like they were in charge of a Genie, and they assumed that they knew what was best. I had always looked down shamefully on James and John until I realized that I've been doing that every day since Grace was diagnosed. I love it though that Jesus isn't even that offended, He doesn't shame them or vote them out of the twelve disciples. He keeps loving them and brings them along a hard road to maturity and faith. And it reminded me that even when I've been pretentious and demanding with God, he has been so patient with me. I'm so thankful for that.

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