Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Some days it's easy to feel like God has become silent. When were surrounded by the hard details of cancer, I sometimes I feel like God has left us. 

Today I was thinking about Christmas during our 5am drive to CHLA. I had been reading about Jesus' name given to him by the angel. Emmanuel. God with us. I was reminded how God purposely came into the world of his people. A world of disease and death. 

Sometimes when I feel distant from God I also feel guilty. I feel like the disconnect is my fault and that God must be upset with me. I remembered this morning how Isreal disobeyed God and they were punished with forty years circling the desert. They were on the naughty list and still Gods presence stayed with them those forty years. He never left them though He was very angry with them. 

He's not the type of God who punishes us by emotionally blackmailing us. He doesn't leave us. He's a quiet God by nature. He wasn't in the thunder or the earthquake but in the gentle whisper. Jesus wasn't loud and showy but humble. Sometimes I mistake Gods quietness for distance, but Jesus' name at birth reminded me of His nature. God with us. 

I was really encouraged by that today. I am always so thankful that it's not just Me holding Graces hand at the hospital, but that God himself comes with us. His presence is with us through every step.  

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